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Spanish to English Translation of Divorce Decree for U.S. Immigration or Re-Marriage

Translate your marriage license to English and certify for U.S. Immigration or county government to re-marry

If you got a divorce in the past and you are marrying an American, then U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly Immigration and Naturalization Service - INS) asks you to submit “certified translation” of your certificate of divorce ( certificado de divorcio, in Venezuala and some other countries).

Certified translation of your divorce paper is requested before you apply for fiancé visa (K-1 or K-2) or marriage visa. Some immigrants bring “certificate of single status” to prove that they are not currently married. However, this certificate is primarily for those who have never married before.

Courts in the United States also require certified English translation of your Spanish divorce decree when you apply for marriage.

Who issues divorce decrees in Spanish-speaking countries?

In general, civil and family courts issue divorce decrees.

In Mexico, for instance, the Mexican Nationality and Naturalization Law as amended in 1971, require that the American citizens be a legal resident of Mexico before he/she may apply for a Mexican divorce. A certificate must be obtained from the Secretaria de Gobernacion (Interior Department) showing that the American citizen had legal residence in Mexico before a divorce application is made. Divorce laws have different provisions in different states of Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries.

Divorce has been banned in many Spanish-speaking countries in the past. Divorce was legalized in 1981 in Spain, and in 2004 in Chile.

Divorce-related issues

Divorce results in dissolving the bonds of matrimony. Legally, divorce does not make the marriage null or void but simply cancels it. Child custody, alimony (subsistence, injunctive allowance), and compensation are the issues to be arranged by protocol between the parties or by the court.

Some couples agree on prenuptial or postnuptial agreements to avoid costly litigations or mediations. Collaborative and uncontested divorces end the marriage with minimal legal process.

How can you get your certified divorce decree translation from Spanish to English?

You will receive Certification by Translator document on our corporate letterhead with our authorized signature and raised (embossed) corporate seal with a statement as required by the USCIS and other government agencies.

Notarization, in addition to certification, is not required by USCIS, National Visa Center (NVC), or U.S. Passport Agency. However, you may need notarization if you are not in the United States and applying to consulate office of the American embassy.